Episode 12: Making the Big Leap

In this episode, I tell Dan all about The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Almost all of us commit acts of self-sabotage when we experience new levels of success, love, joy or creativity. How do we overcome our limiting beliefs and spend our time where we are truly unique and gifted? The lessons from the book are especially relevant to writers. Most of all I want to inspire you to make the big leap in your life and writing career.

Visit my affiliate link below, and I’ll earn a small commission off your purchase. You won’t regret picking up this book!

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Episode 11 – The Dream of the Indie Writer

I’m joined in this episode by Dan Absalonson: listener, frequent commenter and long time associate within my podcasting and writing circles. We talk in this episode about our approach to our writing, and our dreams and goals for our publishing ventures.

Dan Absalonson’s website. Check it out and hire him to do a cover!

Writing Excuses podcast

The Everyday Novelist podcast

Dean Wesley Smith – The best writing advice on the planet

Kristine Kathryn Rusch – The best blog on the business of writing and publishing

Episode 10: Impostor Syndrome

A brief discussion of an article from about Impostor Syndrome. An interesting take from the business world that I think we all can apply as writers and creatives.

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Andy Molinsky from the Harvard Business Review

Episode 8: The Long Game

Happy #InternationalPodcastDay! I’m talking about that most boring of concepts, putting in consistent effort for a long, sustained period of time expanding your catalog to experience success! With a comment from Dan Absalonson guiding our discussion!

Episode 7: You are in Charge

The recent report from Publisher’s Weekly has the industry experts weighing in on drops in profits across the board for reporting publishers. I take a look at some of the opinions on the report and distill it down to what I think about the whole deal. How does it affect our future as writers? Near as I can tell, you are still in charge of your own future.

Links: Publishers Weekly: A Rough Six Months for Publishers, Hugh Howey: A Peek Behind the Curtain, Bloomberg: A Return to Print? Not Exactly, Michael Shatzkin: Ebook Pricing Resembles Three-Dimensional Chess.


Episode 6: Stay Hungry

In this episode I take a look at a blog post that inspired the focus of this podcast, and what lessons can be learned, what encouragement can be drawn from it? This is definitely the most inspirational episode yet!

Link: https://colleenhoover.com/2014/10/29/a-raw-blog-post/

Episode 5: Mental Health or Lack Thereof

A frank discussion about my history as a creative person, the building blocks of my podcasting and writing life, and how I’m dealing with the depression that assaults creative people. What are some practical steps we can take to counter those times we get so far down, we stop doing what we were made to do?




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