Episode 8: The Long Game

Happy #InternationalPodcastDay! I’m talking about that most boring of concepts, putting in consistent effort for a long, sustained period of time expanding your catalog to experience success! With a comment from Dan Absalonson guiding our discussion!

Episode 7: You are in Charge

The recent report from Publisher’s Weekly has the industry experts weighing in on drops in profits across the board for reporting publishers. I take a look at some of the opinions on the report and distill it down to what I think about the whole deal. How does it affect our future as writers? Near as I can tell, you are still in charge of your own future.

Links: Publishers Weekly: A Rough Six Months for Publishers, Hugh Howey: A Peek Behind the Curtain, Bloomberg: A Return to Print? Not Exactly, Michael Shatzkin: Ebook Pricing Resembles Three-Dimensional Chess.


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